Ojo de Buey was born in the year 2007 as an innocent project between friends. Since the beginning the idea was to put together a list of songs and play them in front of an audience. The name "Ojo de Buey" is inspired in a native seed from Costa Rica. It has a very unique shape and is carried by the locals as a good luck charm. Fusion is probably the most important component to describe the essence of the band. Using reggae as the foundation and blending it in with afro –caribbean, latin, rock and roll grooves and positive lyrics, gives great freshness and movement to the band.

August 9, 2010. The band records their first full length album in a beach house located in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica. This was the ideal location to record and reflect the true feeling of the band. After 10 days of living and recording together, the record is sent to Los Angeles, California, where the process continues. The mastering and mixing of the CD is treated professionally, always trying to keep the true and honest sound from where it was recorded. In March 2011, "Sabor en un tiempo cruel" is officially released.